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In this day and age, “Made in U.S.A.” has unfortunately acquired many different meanings depending on who is using the statement.  According to the U.S. Government, “Made in U.S.A.” should mean:

What is the standard for a product to be called Made in USA without qualification?

For a product to be called Made in USA, or claimed to be of domestic origin without qualifications or limits on the claim, the product must be “all or virtually all” made in the U.S. The term “United States,” as referred to in the Enforcement Policy Statement, includes the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. territories and possessions.

What does “all or virtually all” mean?

“All or virtually all” means that all significant parts and processing that go into the product must be of U.S. origin. That is, the product should contain no — or negligible — foreign content.

What substantiation is required for a Made in USA claim?

When a manufacturer or marketer makes an unqualified claim that a product is Made in USA, it should have — and rely on — a “reasonable basis” to support the claim at the time it is made. This means a manufacturer or marketer needs competent and reliable evidence to back up the claim that its product is “all or virtually all” made in the U.S.

For American Garage Tech, everything is assembled in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. and almost all parts are sourced domestically.

Jars – U.S.A.

Lid – Stamped and Printed in Denver, CO

Lid Rings – U.S.A.

Borosilicate Glass Parts – Denver, CO

Instructions Printing – Denver, CO

Silicone Gaskets & Grommets – Made in China, unfortunately we were unable to find a producer based in the United States willing to deal with a small company like ours.  This situation is unfortunate, but if anyone wants to send us a lead we will definitely pursue it to become “100% Made in U.S.A.” instead of just “Made in U.S.A.”